Thursday, August 16, 2012


 Found an ancient cut out magazine page of Jennifer Lopez and suddenly wanted to draw it. c: 
Sketched with HB 0.5 mechanical pencil and used grids. 

 Drew the lineart with Unipen black marker 0.1 and covered the lightest spots of the pic with masking fluid. Also, Ive given up on using old brushes, just use a wooden barbecue stick! :>

 Used a mix of yellow ochre, sepia and english red.

 Still the same mix, only added more english red.

 Same mix as before, but didnt dilute the colour.

   Added dark brown and dark red for the lips.

 Diluted yellow ochre~ 

 More ochre + sepia and red + brown tones on the shirt.

Carefully removed the masking fluid  and tried painting the darkest parts of hair with dark brown + purple.

 Worked everything over with ochre tones again...

...and finally overdrew almost all the black lines, corrected the hair a bit with white acrylic, some splatter, scan, colour adjustments and tadah~ :3