Thursday, September 5, 2013

Me, Myself and I

Hehumm... Hello? Anyone there? :D
 Do I get the "most irregular updater" title now?  :D

Well yeah, I've got a dosen things to do all the time and just.... Forget about this blog. ._.
But hey, look! An update! c:

"Me, Myself and I"- one hell of an headline, huh? Haha, well, once ya see the thing, you'll get what I mean. It's an installation project made for my art college course "Spatial Perception".
This was finished 17.March 2013. 

So~ Had this idea that I'd like to use some kind of masks and hands. 
Ended up making two plaster faces of myself- one of the cut in two+ hands. Here I tried to smoothen out the surfaces by mixing n' adding more plaster layers.

And.... Fingers need nails too, yes? :3
Bought the cheapest nails possible and cut/filed them shorter.

Gathered all the materials toghether annnnnddddd~ Time to glue all this stuff together~
Materials: cardboard, plaster, plastic conduit, paper table covers, copper wire, gesso, acrylics, hot glue.

The main part. c:
The very first idea was to make a watercolour painting on a circular paper, but soon realised, that it would be a lot more interesting, if some of the parts were reaching out of the surface, if the faces would be 3D and if the hands would be "coming out" of the frame. Just stumbled on H.R.Gigers work too, so guess the sort of ornamental hose thing came from there. ;)

 Here you can see where and what I started gluing. The first thing was ofcourse cutting out the cirlce from a large carboard pice, next making holes on the edges more or less with equal distances and half gluing/half binding the plastic conduit all around the edges with copper wire. After that it was all hot glue, finally painted over with gesso (because it stayed on plastic better than plain white acrylic :s), black acrylic details and a "final touch" with fake eyelashes.


 Added some of my composition course black cardboard shapes around the final thing, so it wouldnt look too pale against the large white wall. :)