Friday, February 28, 2014

The Thing

 Yes. A thing. A creepy little thing.
A thing that was part of my college composition installation.
One of the tasks was to make a cube and and put a ball inside it, up to you how you "decorate" it, this is what I did with mine. :)
 Something small and simple.

 The base was ~10cm ⌀ penoplast ball...

...And I couldn't really think of anything else than turning this thing into a critter...

 ...So I made it a lovely smiley face. :D

Poked it full of of copper wire... the lil' balls of clay would actually stay on. After it was dry, also covered it with 2 layers of white glue.
 ....aaand some acrylic paints, varnish and ITs done.

The whole composition thing consisted of 3 task- a cube that has a ball in it, 3 figures and something made out of at least 3 paper sheets (which measurments I can't remember), all of it displayed decently +lightning. Spent forever on solberthing together the LEDs and the whole morning on covering the big windows on left...

And also a better view of my 3 paper figures-