Monday, August 4, 2014

Wig Styling Head

 Whoop~ Not even certain if there is a reason to keep this blog up or not, since I don't really have sketches for absolutely everything.... -.- and looking from the dates, my updating is.... like it is.
An update~ <3

Since I desperately need a mannequin head now, where I could style wigs , then made
one myself. As a base used a years old papier mache head of myself, some failed makroflex horns and a leftover piece of a heavy pressed paper roll.

 Ripped off the experimental paper mask, cut the makroflex into lil' pieces and glued it all together, filled some empty spaces with newspapers.

 Taped the head on the paper roll and papier mache'd most of the thing over several times. Then made a new plaster face of myself, hotglued it on the old base, endlessly covered with latex and sanded, white spray primer, latex, more sanding, dosen more spray primer and varnish layers... Yeah, latex, it's something that looks like gesso, but it was much better to sand it down. All the different white materials and paints actually looked different..... so also added a white acrylic layer, but that made everything worse.... after that the spray primer and varnish combo started cracking off, so its all quite a mix there...

Glued some porolon layers all over the rest of the head, so there would be something to stick the needles in, hotglued a lycra layer on top The back of the head is a bit bigger than my own, but figured that would be exactly the space for hair under the wig anyway. It's not perfectly shaped, but still good enough. ....aaand added fake lashes.... Because.... why not. c:

Nothing super fancy, but got to style a first wig on this thing and it worked out perfectly~

...doesn't it look just like me? Haha~ 

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  1. You are so creativ girl - i`m supraised about your fantasy.............