Saturday, June 2, 2012


Started making this pice somewhere in autumn and bothered enough to take pictures of the progress. ;)
This is one of the most time consuming pictures Ive ever done.

Twilight living on the edge
dazzling the art of danger
tonight we fall from desire's ledge
No Promises, Just Poetry

I have this ancient CD with continious remixed musics and this song's chorus has haunted me for so long... I suppose thats where the inspiration came from. Its called Bonnie Bailey feat. Hot 22 - No Promises (Thomas Gold Remix). First sketched a face, drew on the lyrics and did everything over with a 0.2 marker.

 Cut n' paste! Printed out the lyrics for the background and started randomly cutting the hair from the same white paper.

 Decided that this thing needs some watercolours~

 Glued on the hair with PVA in layers and coloured some of the hair strands along the way.

 The skin looked too pale and flat for me, so added depth with copics E51 and E02.

Added some more strands, scan, photoshop and its ready~
The scanner always eats away the purple tones tho... :I

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