Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Last Art Class

 At the end of every school year we have to make a final thesis graduation art project as part of our art exams. You can make basicly anything for it, but I decided to go for a classical oil painting. As it was our last year together, I got an idea to draw/paint my classmates based on an old painting. And as we have a fairly small class, "The Last Supper" seemed like a legit choice. c: 
Yeah, for the base I chose Jacopo Bassano's last supper painting.
 Started out with a sketch and nobody in my class was against the idea~
So~ Poked ppl and tried to get everybody in a similar enough pose as on the original,  smashed everyhting together and used this as my main reference for the painting. :3

During a week finally got  everything in place on canvas.

 Figured I should do the portrait parts next after the bg was done. (not a good idea at all if you dont have a clear vision of the whole colour scheme! D:) Anyway, these two buddies helped me out with the portraits and used Louvre oils.

Its always good to have a reference pic nearby even better if side by side. ^^

This is the way I painted all of the portraits. First mixed a skin tone of ochre, sienna and white, covered the darker skin areas and then used a ligter tone of the same mix and tried smudging the lighter and darker parts together. Then added a bit of crimson red, burnt umber and itsy-bitsy ultramarine, higlights on the cheek and nose and finally added other details.  Its also good to paint over the hair part with the skin tone before starting with the hair.

Btw, this is me. :D
 This isnt the finished version, you can see it at my Deviantart page. ;)

And here are some colse-up shots. :3


  1. Haha! This is amazing! A great way to immortalize your class. :P