Monday, July 2, 2012


As I've been obsessed with the underwater theme for some time, then here is the process of another watercreature aka a mermaid~ :3
 I remember I struggled quite long with the hands. :s But now its inked, scanned and ready for watercolours~

 First used some masking fluid. I guess everybody, who has used this liquid, knows way too well what it does to your brushes? :D I've noticed that its much better to use a wooden barbecue stick for applying this especially if you use the fluid for "drippy" white spots. ^^

 First layer of ink + salt. Used yellow, green and blue ink here.
 The second layer with watercolours + salt. Yup, double salty texture~

 More detailing and since I was pretty sloppy with the colouring, had to overdraw the main lines with black Unipin marker 0.1 and fixed some lines with white gel pen. (that water wasnt that blue at the bottom... damn camera.... D:)

Finally scanned and tried adjusting the colours as close to the original as I could. :)

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